2 min readMay 5, 2018


Dealing with adversity in a CrossFit gym

CrossFit isn't just about hitting PRs and working out for sexy bodies. Sexy bodies are a side effect of hard work and dedication. For me in particular as a coach its about building mental toughness and better athletes.

Mental toughness to me isn't about pushing yourself thru a workout after you've split your shin open on a box jump, its about what you tell yourself after it happens and how you deal with that situation.
Instead of yelling and punching a wall because you cant properly perform a handstand push up, ask yourself what is going wrong and what do i need to do to get better. That’s mental toughness.

How you act to adversity in the gym is a microcosm of how you act outside of the gym. SO if you tend to complain about a particular workout, the temperature, equipment malfunctions during workouts, or anything else in general You most likely carry that character flaw with you into your everyday life. In this lies the beauty of being part of a CrossFit community. You cannot hide from this in a CrossFit gym. You will eventually be exposed.

Great athletes learn from this and tend to respond elegantly as opposed to reacting emotionally.
It is much more virtuous to respond elegantly then to react emotionally. And i promise that if you focus less on complaining and focus more on the task you will reap exponential results. Mentally and Physically. i know this first hand.

don’t react, respond.

And if your response is, “So what, i’m a control freak. deal with it.”

Then you might just not be a right fit for that particular community.
But if your response is Absorbing what is around you and making it work, Then you are most likely heading in the right direction.