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Every day there are more charts that undermine the “we have to stay home and cancel everything” narrative, and I have a couple of those for you today, but first I want to show you something else.

Someone I follow on Twitter just released a Tweet thread that sums up the inhuman COVID response so beautifully that I had to share it with you:

The East Coast is home to a little under 130,000,000 people. …

If you’ve been following a low carb diet for a while and have been experiencing weight loss plateaus, hormone imbalances, low energy, or a decline in athletic performance, you might want to consider implementing strategic carbohydrate refeeds.

A carb refeed is an intentional increase in carbohydrate consumption, often done on a periodic basis such as daily or weekly. These refeeds are an effective strategy for minimizing potential negative hormonal or metabolic effects from long term low carbohydrate intake.

Why Carb Refeeds Are Important

Carbohydrates and Insulin

We know that carbs have an impact on the hormone insulin. And when our bodies don’t respond properly to…

Dealing with adversity in a CrossFit gym

CrossFit isn't just about hitting PRs and working out for sexy bodies. Sexy bodies are a side effect of hard work and dedication. For me in particular as a coach its about building mental toughness and better athletes.

Mental toughness to me isn't about pushing yourself thru a workout after you've split your shin open on a box jump, its about what you tell yourself after it happens and how you deal with that situation.
Instead of yelling and punching a wall because you cant properly perform a handstand push up, ask yourself…


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